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General terms

General terms and conditions

Booking can be handled by phone, fax, internet or directly at the offices of the tour operator. The reservation is valid after completing the tour contract / reservation form and paid deposit.

Travelling to countries that require visas for Bulgarian citizens, the tour operator will assist the user by providing the necessary documents / reservations, vouchers, tickets, etc.
Issuing a specific visa is the sole responsibility of the Embassy or Consulate of the country to be visited and cannot be guaranteed by the tour operator. In case of refusal by the Embassy fees paid by the Customer to issue a visa will not be returned. The amount of the fees for visas are stated in the information under Art. 28 PA.

Payment shall be made in Levs according to the BNB exchange rate for the day! Payments are accepted in cash, by debit/credit card or by bank transfer.
The required deposit is of 30% to 50% of the total price. New Year and Easter reservations the required deposit is of 50% of the total price unless otherwise stated.

Final payment: the balance must be paid no later than 14 days before the date of travel, unless pre-payment is required to guarantee a price for airline tickets, seats on Easter and Christmas programs or discounts for early enrollment deadlines other than those specified in above.
Tour operator reserves the right to change the price of the trip in case of: transportation costs, including fuel prices, road, airport and other fees associated with travel, or exchange rate of the U.S. dollar/Bulgarian lev during the signing of this contract up to the date of travel, but no later than twenty days before the trip.

The tour operator reserves the right to cancel tour dates and inform the user within a period no later than two days from the occurrence of the reason for the cancellation in the following cases:

Not achieved the required number of participants.
In case of force majeure situation.

The tour operator shall not be liable to the consumer in the event of cancellation, delay or changes to the terms and conditions of the journey that not depend on the tour operator itself.
Users under the age of 18, who travel abroad with their own passport, are to provide a notarized statement from the parents where they agree with the departure in that country on that date. If the above stated user is traveling with one parent, notarized consent from the other parent is to be presented to leave the country. In case the opposite, the tour operator does not delay or cancel the trip and therefore is not a subject of any amounts repay.

Within three days after the final day of the trip, the consumer must present in person at the office of the tour operator the according official complaint in writing, accompanied by a written statement signed by the user, hotel and foreign partner of the tour operator, user original copy of the contract and payment document / cash receipt, invoice /.
The tour operator shall, within 30 days after receipt of the claim, provide its observations thereon of the user.

In case of cancellation of the trip and termination by the user, a penalty is to be paid to the tour operator as follows:

When cancelling within 21 days prior to departure - without any penalty.
When cancelling within 20 to 14 days prior to departure, penalties are considered according to the conditions of the trip and contract
When cancelling within 13 to 8 days prior to departure, penalty of 70% of the cost of the trip is required.
The rate of penalty for cancellations made 7 or less days prior to departure is determined depending on the program and destination of the trip.

If the cancellation occurs within different from the above, the terms of the specific offer, program and contract are considered.